Check Out This Air Compressor Buying Guide 

An air compressor is a widely used machine to pump air into gas cylinders. An air compressor simply converts powers into energy through the help of electric motors or engines. Air compressors can fill up any gas cylinder with air, thereby increasing its pressure. Have a look at this air compressor buying guide.

Features of air compressor

The various features of an air compressor act as an air compressor buying guide. It lets you decide and select the type of compressor you need-

  • Roll cage- some compressors have a roll cage that works effectively in protecting the various parts of the compressors from getting destroyed. A good roll cage is supposed to have a low centre of gravity.
  • Thermal overload protection- if a device is working, then there is friction behind it. Sometimes this necessary friction becomes responsible for the destruction of the device. When used continuously, the mechanical parts of the device are in continuous friction which produces heat. This heat, when exceeds the limited value can be harmful. Thermal overload protection breaks the power to normalize the heat.
  • Pressure switch- pressure plays a very important role in air compressors. In this case, the right amount of pressure is very important for the device to function properly. When the pressure acting in the tank gains a certain maximum value, then the pressure switch comes into action, and it switches off the motor.
  • Air filters- air filters do this great work of absorbing all the contaminants in it and making the air pure and free from any more impurities. With the help of an air compressor buying guide, you understand what you need.
  • Drain valve- even moisture when exceeds a certain limit is not good for the compressors. Hence a drain valve is present in some air compressors. It drains all the excess moisture in the compressor.
  • Portability- Portability is also one of the most important deciding factors when it comes to buying an air compressor so that they can be kept wherever you have space.

Different Types of air compressors

Based on your requirements, you can buy the type of air compressor you want. You can read this air compressor buying guide for it.

  • Pancake compressors- these are round compressors with storage tanks on the top. This is one of the most stable compressors and is very portable. It can be adjusted in a very small space.
  • Hot dog compressors- these are longer than pancake compressors and have a cylindrical shaped tank.
  • Twin stack compressors- these type of compressors have two tanks in them. The tanks are horizontal and cylindrical in shape. This two compressor design helps in making extra air space in the system.
  • Wheelbarrow compressors- these also have two compressors but are more desirable than others because of its mobility features. They have handles on them.

When you want to know that how to buy an air compressor you might get confused in the multiple numbers of options you get. It is important to know your need and get the air compressor based on it. An air compressor buying guide is useful in this decision-making process.

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