Benefits Of Wood Molding And Trim – Explained 2 Trimming

There is a saying that what is present inside us, these thoughts; build our outer spaces and these spaces do many favours to us in return. Since the beginning of this modern age, we have been trying to find new things, new materials and are trying to use them and then improve them according to our situations along with this we have also been fascinated to decorate these things and make them further beautiful and fancy.

Iron, stone, cement, and wood are the primary materials that are being used for building and decorating our spaces which are houses, shops, monuments and all the other elements related to it, which are doors, windows, tables, chairs etc.

Wood is the most commonly used material for building and decorating doors, windows, tables, chairs and the other likewise things. Wood is also used because wood is found in abundance and cutting, pruning, shaping and decorating them is somewhat easy. Wood molding and trim have been A beautiful way to decorate houses.

Decorative wood Trim

Decoration of structures like doors, windows, stairs and likewise things can be done by using various methods, and one of them is by molding the wood. Wood molding and trim is a term that basically means using wood to cover, to decorate, to give detailer to fill the gap between two surfaces.

Wood molding and trim are replaceable terms for wood molding which helps in maintaining the structural integrity of the building. These decorations enhance the safety of the structures, along with making them more beautiful.

For example, trimming around a structure like a window or a stair bridges the gap between two surfaces and also prevents moisture from collecting and harming the structure.

Wood molding and trim are used to make beautiful patterns using different kinds of wooden strips to add more texture to the structure.

If there is a gap left between two surfaces for allowing the surface to contract or expand, this can also be covered up by using molding trim.

Wood corner trim

  • There are various types of trim used for different surfaces and purposes.
  • Few of them are Baseboard trim, casting molding trim, ceiling trim, casing trim, crown trim, wainscoting trim, chair rail trim and some other common trims.
  • Each trim is used for different kinds of decorations such as baseboard trimming used for covering wall to floor gap and protection of the lower side of the wall.

Casing trim is used to bridge the gap between the side post surface of a window or doorway and the wall surrounding it. Crown trim is a decorative wood trim that is used to provide a clean and smooth transition from wall to ceiling and generally used for the ceiling which is a bit taller than usual.

Wainscoting trim is a covering for very complicated and detailed surfaces in the form of a long, narrow cut, or boxes or in the form of depression on the surface.

Chair rail trim is a decorative wood trim used for protection of walls from hitting off the back of chairs, and this trim is present at almost the height of the chair.

Hence decorative Wood molding and trim of all types are important to be used in our structures to make them look beautiful as well as to prevent them from any damages so that they last longer and keep adding beauty to our structures and make us happy.

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