Amazing Painting Paneling Ideas – 5+ Essential Things

Paint paneling is a simple way to change the look of a room. A fresh and new coat of paint to any surface quickly and effectively updates the old paneling and cost far less than replacing the walls. Replacing the paneled walls could be a tedious and expensive way of renovating a room. In order to avoid expenses, paneling has proven to be a decent practice for over the years. There are a certain painting paneling ideas and steps that are required for painting paneling. Some of them are as follows-

Clean the wall

One should start with cleaning the walls with a clean cloth with soapy water to wash off the dirt, grease and grime build-up. Dishwashing liquids can clean paneling well enough.

Fill holes and grooves

One must fill all the holes by applying spackling or caulk to fill holes. Scrape off any of the excesses for a smoother painted surface.


Sanding the panels is important as the paint doesn’t adhere to a very smooth surface. One should remove the finish by gently sanding the walls with sandpaper. Damp the excess dust after sanding process is complete.


A primer is important before painting the paneling. Using a stainless or an oil-based primer with a roller or a brush will help fill in any grooves. The primer should be left to dry for 24 hours before applying the paint.


This is the final process, where one should use high-quality paint. A brush or a roller can be used. The first layer of paint should be dried before applying the second.

Amazing painting paneling ideas

If one is having a hard time choosing the right techniques and ideas for paint paneling, check out these amazing painting paneling ideas that could help one having the final pick-

Classic solid

A solid paint colour combines the wood paneling in with the rest of the room. Solid colour on the walls would be classic, elegant and sophisticated. This is one of the best painting paneling ideas.


Adding texture to the room by distressing painted walls would definitely add a little edge to the surroundings.


Whitewashed panels create a country appeal without making the walls look old or out-dated. A very soft white-greyish or a light blue or sunny-yellow or pale pink are all good options.

Faux drywall

This makes the painted wall paneling appear like standard drywall with care, patience and wood filler.

Go black

Black adds a bit of mystery and class to a room. Painting small rooms with colour black can make them seem larger and more intimate. This is one of the most elegant painting paneling ideas.


Contrasting the wall panels with a lush texture like marble will make things appear more elevated and classy.

Go bold with the colour

Just because there is paneling in the walls doesn’t mean one can’t add a hint of bright colour in the room. Experiment with bright colours to make a statement.

Add tiles

Tiles are cheaper in comparison to marble and other textured material. It can also ass a geometric dimension to the room. The room will look chic, edgy and modern. This has become one of the most popular painting paneling ideas.

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